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Saint Teresa of Avila

Events   •   06/18/2018
Saint Teresa of Avila is the patroness of the municipality of Suhopolje, and her feast is celebrated by an evening Mass after which the celebration is organized for all citizens of Suhopolje.

Little Kettle of Suhopolje

Events   •   06/18/2018
The manifestation of the municipality of Suhopolje called “Little Kettle of Suhopolje“ is a traditional competition in the preparation of venison stew for amateur cooks.

Suhopolje Carnival

Events   •   06/18/2018
The carnival is a traditional manifestation that takes place before the Lent, which includes the carnival procession and costumed dances.

KUL. beach of Suhopolje

Events   •   06/18/2018
It is well-known that the noble family Janković used to live in the Suhopolje area. More than anything, the son Andrija loved the mother's stories and legends about the Pannonian Sea.

Theater Night

Events   •   06/18/2018
The Tourist Board of the municipality of Suhopolje has joined the Theater Night manifestation and each year it organizes a free theater play for all interested.

International Folklore Show “White Dove“

Events   •   06/18/2018
Inspired by the desire to preserve the tradition, customs and cultural and historical heritage, the Cultural Artistic Association “Suhopolje” tries to honor the day of celebration of the Assumption of Mary with the International Folkolre Show “White Dove“ that is traditionally held as part of the Days of  the Municipality of Suhopolje, in the duration of one day.
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